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Infertility Counseling

Infertility can be overwhelming for individuals and couples.  The effects of infertility may permeate all areas of life;  affecting emotional health, relationships, career and finances.  Emotional health can greatly affect physical health;  therefore, it is important to take care of both mind and body during infertility treatment.  Counseling may provide you and your partner with the extra support needed to cope with the complex issues of infertility.


How can counseling help?

-Learn specific methods for coping with the stress, anxiety and daily challenges of infertility


-Learn Mind/Body relaxation methods to enhance well being


-Receive support in making difficult decisions about your fertility in a confidential environment


-Learn methods for resolving conflict and maintaining a strong relationship with your partner



There are many paths of infertility treatment and resolution.  I hope to provide you with the support and tools that will enhance your well being during this time.


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